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2019, June, Week IV
An E-Newsletter from the desk of the Editor
Hello All,
Hopefully all of you are fit and fine. It’s very important to stay healthy and fit. I hope that most of you are aware that on 21st June was International Day of Yoga. This day is celebrated annually on the same date, since its inception in 2015. So, I will say to those who are not taking care of their health can think about it and give some time for their health every day.
Apart from being healthy, it is also important to be safe and keep your home safer. Now if you all remember the previous week, we discussed introduction related to importance of safer home. Let’s discuss this week – “How Home Inspection can ensure your Safety?”. Important areas covered in home inspection are – installation, finishing & operational issues; Checking for electrical wiring & systems, Checking for plumbing & general fire safety (wherever applicable) & Identifying unsafe areas of a home. We will try to discuss more about it in further weeks.
Our humble endeavor has been to educate you to keep your homes healthy & safe with a long life.
Enabling Healthy Homes by MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections.
Professional Home Inspector is virtually a Home Doctor who does a diagnostic of your home, and prescribes the solution for any health/ quality issue of your homes/ property that needs to be addressed.
This newsletter covers:
- Blog on “What is Waterproofing? | A Raincoat for your Home”
- Testimonial Video -“ Excellent Home Inspection Services – Every detail taken care off” - Listen to what Ms. Priyanka Jalan, Home Maker - our happy customer has to say about us
- Article on home care topic “8 Safety measures you need to take in your Homes”
- Knowledge Series on Home Maintenance issues
- Healthy Homes Trivia
- Updates for Home Buyers: Home Inspection Industry
- A Video – “Humbly Giving Back – Caring for the Health of Elderly”
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Happy reading to all!
Stay tuned for more.
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Hema Ledwani, Editor
Healthy Homes Newsletter
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What is Waterproofing? | A Raincoat for your Home
Water infiltration into a home / building causes major problems to the structure. Water damages a building first cosmetically then structurally.........
Ms. Priyanka Jalan
Excellent Home Inspection Services - Every detail taken care off
8 Safety measures you need to take in your Homes
For added safety, consider installing a deadbolt and chain lock if your door doesn’t already have them. A deadbolt is more secure and difficult.........
Plywood at external side can create a path for moisture
Discoloration noted at wall under the window sill.
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Sliding Door/ Window tracks should be cleaned for water drainage
Simple, indestructible solutions can save the health of your home and yours too.
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MahaRERA releases SOP to remove delaying developers
The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) on Thursday issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) to allow......
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Humbly Giving Back
Caring for the Health of Elderly
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