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2019, June, Week V
An E-Newsletter from the desk of the Editor
Hello All,
Firstly, I would like to apologize as I promised previous week that I will be discussing more about Important areas covered in home inspection and also thought to take all section separately. But this topics will be covered by me in further newsletter as I found topic that is very necessary for the current time.
Summer season is on the verge of its end and Monsoon is on the way. Many people are waiting for it and it is the most beautiful season as monsoon turns the entire dry land into beautiful green coloured picturesque landscape. Monsoons are exciting but can cause maximum damage to homes. Heavy downpour mesmerizes your senses but can cause extensive damage to homes in the form of leaks, cracks, fungus, etc.
Moisture is the single most important agent of building deterioration. Controlling moisture is important to protect occupants from adverse health effects and to protect the building, its contents from further damage or deterioration. Some Trigger Points/ Warning Signs in your homes which can be visually checked by you - Flaking of paint/ wallpaper/ wall or other surface deterioration, Dark patch in wall/ ceiling etc. So it is important to protect your home before Monsoon arrives. Best way to protect your home is to get it inspected.
Our humble effort has always been to educate you to keep your homes healthy & safe with a long life.
Enabling Healthy Homes by MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections
MACJ – A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections is virtually a Home Doctor who does a diagnostic of your home and prescribes the solution for any health/ quality issue of your homes/ property that needs to be addressed.
This newsletter covers:
- Blog on “9 Steps to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready”
- A Video -“ Home Inspection - Huge Business Opportunity for budding Interior Designers”
- Article on topic “It’s your home/property in the hot seat, do not take it lightly”
- Knowledge Series on Home Maintenance issues
- Healthy Homes Trivia
- Updates for Home Buyers: Home Inspection Industry
- A Testimonial Video – “Listen to what Usha Jee (an independent Entrepreneur) has to say about us”
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Happy reading to all!
Stay tuned for more.
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Hema Ledwani, Editor
Healthy Homes Newsletter
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, India
9 Steps to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready
If summer comes, can monsoon be far behind! Every year by the end of June, monsoon arrives in major parts of the Indian subcontinent ushering in a prolonged spell of light to heavy rainfall.........
Home Inspection
Huge Business Opportunity for budding Interior Designers
Inspected Once. Inspected Right!
It’s your home/ property in the hot seat, do not take it lightly
Let us list down some scenarios and request you to tick the one/s that best relates to you.........
Don’t go for temporary solution, choose permanent one
Door frame & wall junction sealed with putty filler.
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Clean Your Air Conditioner filters for #1 saving electricity & #2 better air qualities
Simple, indestructible solutions can save the health of your home and yours too.
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Home buyers to pay in accordance with a project’s progress: MP-RERA
Government boards and authorities involved in housing projects cannot charge money from buyers in a fixed date linked schedule......
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