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2019, May, Week II
An E-Newsletter from the desk of the Editor
Hello All,
Enabling Healthy Homes by MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.
I would like to remind you about some important days in this week like both Akshaya Tritiya and World Asthma Day on 7th May 2019, World Thalassemia Day on 8th May 2019, Rabindra Jayanti on 9th May 2019 and Mother's Day on 12th May. I hope you all know the significance of all these days. But I am little unsure that World Thalassemia day is known to all of you. So I would like to just brief you about this. Thalassemia is a blood disorder causes weakening and destruction of the red blood cells, affects the formation of hemoglobin in the body and causes mild or severe anemia. This day was established by the World Health Organization in order to raise public awareness about this disease and prevention measures.
As important is to get your body regularly checked up, similarly your home also needs to have a health check-up to stay healthy and safe for you. Our humble effort has always been to educate you to keep your homes healthy & safe with a long life.
Professional Home inspector can be referred as a Home Doctor who does a diagnosis of your home and prescribes the solution for any health/quality of your homes/property that needs to be addressed.
Our sole aim is to keep your homes hale & hearty and with a long life.
This newsletter covers:
- Blog on moisture Intrusion – This blog will give you an idea about what is moisture intrusion and how it happens & also make you understand its effect on building and health
- A video for Reminiscing our India Launch, MACJ - A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections
- Article on “Avoid 13 Unlucky Mistakes as a First Time Home Buyer”
- Knowledge Series on Home Maintenance issues
- Healthy Homes Trivia
- Updates for Home Buyers: Home Inspection Industry
- MACJ - A Buyer’s Choice opens a brand new avenue for skill development and employment opportunities
Also watch our videos by subscribing to our channel...... www.youtube.com/macjabuyerschoicehomeinspections
Happy reading to all!
Stay tuned for more.
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Hema Ledwani, Editor
Healthy Homes Newsletter
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, India
Moisture Intrusion
Moisture intrusion can be the cause of building defects, as well as health ailments for the building’s occupants. We should have at least a basic understanding of how moisture may enter a building,.......
Reminiscing our India Launch
MACJ - A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections
Avoid 13 Unlucky Mistakes as a First Time Home Buyer
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MACJ - A Buyer's Choice News
MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice opens a brand new avenue for skill development and employment opportunities
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