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2019, May, Week III
An E-Newsletter from the desk of the Editor
Hello All,
If you all remember the previous week, I shared with you the importance of health checkup of your home. Today, I would like to continue more about it. Every home has some different areas. The areas in your home or apartment will include Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living and dining, Kitchens, Balcony (the number will vary accordingly), etc. The 7 basic elements comprise of the wall, ceiling, floor, door, window, plumbing and electrical as per the area. So it is important to access each and every area for the proper understanding of health of your home.
Enabling Healthy Homes by MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.
Professional Home inspector can be referred as a Home Doctor who does a diagnosis of your home and prescribes the solution for any health/quality of your homes/property that needs to be addressed. The inspection team typically consists of a home inspector, electrician, plumber & helper. The inspection process involves a non-invasive, visual examination of all accessible areas and its respective elements along with any add-on components.
Also, I would like to remind you that Buddha Purnima is on 18th May 2019. Buddha Purnima marks the birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
If your home will be healthy, you will have peace and happiness in your life. Our sole aim is to keep your homes healthy for a long life.
This newsletter covers:
- Blog on topic “ Home Electricals System – Some Basic Questions Answered”
- A video on “Keep your home healthy - Protect it from Concealed Damp / Seepage – A Silent Killer”
- Case Study – Classic case of mystery water seepage from a false ceiling having a non-identifiable source
- Knowledge Series on Home Maintenance issues
- Healthy Homes Trivia
- Updates for Home Buyers: Home Inspection Industry
- Testimonial Video -“ Ensuring Healthy Homes: Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority.”
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Happy reading to all!
Stay tuned for more.
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Hema Ledwani, Editor
Healthy Homes Newsletter
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, India
Home Electricals System – Some Basic Questions Answered
As a home owner, one should know the basic parameters of the electrical system of the home one lives in........
Keep Your Home Healthy
Protect it from Concealed Damp / Seepage : A Silent Killer
Case Study
Classic case of mystery water seepage from a false ceiling having a non-identifiable source
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MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection
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Even door frames have specific hinges
Wooden door hinges used in aluminium door frame.
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Screws & Fasteners look same; don’t work same
Simple, indestructible solutions can save the health of your home and yours too.
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Size of Real Estate Market to grow to USD 650 billion by 2040: Niti Aayog
Indian real estate market is expected to jump over fivefold to USD 650 billion by 2040 and its share in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).....
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Ensuring Healthy Homes
Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority
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