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2020, March, Week II
An E-Newsletter from the desk of the Editor
Hello All,
Weather changes with time, now summer has begun with little warmness. As this season begins, we like to have ice cream and cold beverages.
Continuing from previous week newsletter, in this week we will be discussing about door defects in home. Common defects – cracks, alignment, termite problem etc.
Enabling Healthy Homes by MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections.
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections is virtually a Home Doctor who does a diagnostic of your home and prescribes the solution for any health/ quality issue of your homes/ property that needs to be addressed. We always want to create awareness about home care.
This newsletter covers:
- Blog on “Your Home Deserves the Best - Trust the Pioneer”
- Video - "Know your home better: Related to slope of floor"
- Article on topic “Types of Primer for your home”
- Knowledge Series on Home Maintenance issues
- Healthy Homes Trivia
- Updates for Home Buyers: Home Inspection Industry
- Testimonial from Naveen Saraff, Owner, Career Launcher, Kolkata
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Happy reading to all!
Stay tuned for more.
We welcome suggestions from you all to improve upon our effort.
Hema Ledwani, Editor
Healthy Homes Newsletter
MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, India
Your Home Deserves the Best - Trust the Pioneer
When can you tell – “We are doing a great job!” It is only when you have satisfied customers, the biggest stakeholders of your dream venture, reaching out to you with their valuable.........
Know your home better
Related to slope of floor
Inspected Once. Inspected Right!
Types of Primer for your home
Primer as the name itself suggests, is the primary layer that readies the surface to receive paint. It is nothing but paint without pigment. Primers will, even though relatively expensive, save you a.............
Avoid wooden box in electrical switch boards
Wooden box used in conceal switch board.
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Uninsulated wire may lead to electrical shock
Simple, indestructible solutions can save the health of your home and yours too.
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MahaRERA directs developers to file source complaints if unable to register project
The regulatory body dismissed a case in which a buyer sought full refund for not getting possession on time. The MahaRERA has ruled that developers.......
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MACJ - A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection
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Naveen Saraff,
Owner, Career Launcher, Kolkata
"I am very happy that I got my flat inspected by MACJ. The MACJ Inspection report is like a bible for your flat! MACJ came up with a lot of critical issues not visible to my untrained eyes, suggested practical solutions and helped me get most of them......"
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